What is nemopilots.com?

NemoPilots is a software distributed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that provides complete solution for the integral management of a Pilotage Company.

NemoPilots is a web page available 24 hours online. You could connect using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Each user has access to different areas of the program, according to his/her profile. Thus, the traffic coordinators can access the AIS, the weather conditions, the vessel database or the daily plan, while the administrative staff access to relevant information for invoicing and accounting or the mechanic of the pilot vessels access only to the information of consumptions, repairs and preventive maintenance.

Nemopilots.com has been developed based on NemoPilots experience, our desktop ERP, which has evolved since fifteen years of operation and has more than a thousand users, including, pilots, traffic coordinators, sailors, mechanics, administrative and directive staff and external advisors.

Nemopilots.com is an ISO 20000 certified service. nemopilots.com developers and engineers are also certified in ITIL, which guarantees that during the development, transition and operation of the product we follow the best practices in security, availability and business continuity.